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Richton School District announces plans for school reopening on Aug. 6

From Staff Reports

Richton School District Supt. of Education Clay Anglin announced today that the decision has been made to move forward with traditional school re-opening on August 6.

To follow is the full statement from the school district.



 For the last couple of months, the Richton School District administrative team has been having meetings and discussing the various options for coming back to school in August.  We have had some groundwork and ideas for the reopening of school, but have wanted to wait to make any finalized plans and announcements to make sure that there were not any new orders from the Governor or Department of Education that would be handed down and void all of our previous plans.  While this pandemic is very fluid and things can still change in the next few weeks, we feel that it is time to finalize and announce our plans as far as reopening our schools. The district administrative team met for a lengthy meeting this past Thursday to discuss the start of school. After much consideration, discussion, and studies on feasibility, the Richton School District has made the decision to go forward with starting school in a traditional format, with students and teachers coming to school on campus, starting Thursday, August 6th.  Keeping this in mind, we realize that there will be a very different look to that “traditional” style of school and that our teachers, students, and administration will have to adapt to the current times that we are in with this pandemic. As I am sure is the case with everyone, we hope that this is a temporary situation and we can go back to what we consider normal as soon as possible. So for the time being, there are going to be a few guidelines and policies that will be different this year from years past that are related to safety, minimizing contact, minimizing large gatherings, and social distancing the best ways possible.  With that said, please be advised of the following details regarding the operations of the Richton School District in relation to the reopening of Richton Schools on Augusts 6th and the operations of the school buildings and buses during the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Bus drivers will be given temperature checks each day before starting their routes.  Students will be given a temperature check before boarding school buses in the morning.  Students that run a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above will not be allowed on the bus.
  • All RSD employees will be given temperature checks when arriving on campus.
  • In order to minimize contact with other students and run bus routes in the most safe and efficient manner possible, students and parents who have the capability of transporting their students/themselves to school with their own vehicles are encouraged to do so.
  • There will be a single car rider line for drop offs:  All car rider drop offs will use the traditional elementary car line.  Students will have their temperatures taken by a district employee while sitting in the car. Students that run a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above will not be allowed to exit the car and will not be allowed to come to school for that day. In the afternoon, the elementary and junior high/high school car lines will be separated like they were previous school years.
  • Students who drive to campus in their own vehicles and park in student parking will have their temperatures checked at the entry gate to student parking. Students who have a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed onto campus.
  • Students, visitors to campus, and RSD faculty will be required to have a mask in their possession while on campus.  In common areas on campus, masks must be worn.  Once in classrooms, depending on the day’s activities, it will be up to the classroom teacher’s discretion on when masks can be removed. For students, if there is any writing, pictures, or messages on a mask, it must follow the same guidelines we have for t-shirts when it comes to pictures/words/messages. Nothing offensive, obscene, racially insensitive, alcohol/tobacco/gambling related or any other type of message that can be construed as disruptive to the school day will be allowed. The principal will have a final decision on this if a mask gets brought up and questioned.

* The RSD has hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and disinfectant spray in their buildings and will be spraying and wiping often. However, students are encouraged to bring their own as well to keep on them for their own personal use.

  • No outside food will be allowed to be brought to campus. This includes food from local restaurants or food brought from home once school has started.  Students need to bring their lunches with them when they arrive at school or eat school lunch from the cafeteria.
  • All visitors to campus must call ahead to the school’s office if they wish to visit for any reason. At that time, the secretary or school designee will make an appointment with you or let you know that it is okay to come to the school.  A temperature check will be given to any visitor that comes into the building.
  • “Drop-in” visits that are unannounced and were not planned ahead of time may be turned away.  When on campus, all visitors must wear a mask once they enter the building.  In cases where it is not necessary for a visitor to come into the building, you may be asked to wait outside or in your car.

Please continue to check the district Facebook page, the district website, and the Richton Dispatch for future information and announcements. Any questions or concerns can be brought forward by calling the Richton School District and talking to the Central Office or the school office of your child will attend:

Richton Schools Central Office- 601-788-6801

Richton High School – 601-788-9608

Richton Elementary School – 601-788-6975

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  1. Kelly Edwards on July 21, 2020 at 3:03 am


    I’ve talked to several parents who also think the “Key Point” form makes NO sense…leaving questions that many parents – including myself – would like answered. We want our children safe.

    1. “Open house will NOT be held ‘IN PERSON’ this year.”
    “Registration dates ‘IN PERSON’ will last 3days: July 20, 21 and 22nd. That’s a major contradiction! How is this fair to the parents and the children? You take away open house and leave kids without a clue as to where to go. This causes a lot of parents to worry with anxious thoughts concerning whether their 5yr. old made it to class when he/she got off the bus.

    2. Do parents ever have a “say so” concerning their own children?!

    3. We should be able to meet our child’s teacher. If information can/will be sent home on the 1st day of school, then why take a chance of getting sick during the aforementioned registration days? It’s all about staying safe, right? Shutting down “Open House” because a 2hr meeting with the teacher is too risky while mandantory “in person” registration consist of 3 days – totalling 12hrs – is ridiculous!!

    4. “Additional effort will be made to ensure our children make it to class safely with support and comfort because parents are not allowed at the school.” Good Luck! There are going to be a lot of nervous kids amongst the chaos and not enough staff to handle it! Comfort is not established through fear.

    5. What about “social distancing”? Will kids be allowed to play on the playground? Are they going to eat in the cafeteria (only possible without mask)? Why are these things not being taken into consideration?

    I am sick of hearing ” They are working so hard trying to figure out what’s best for these children” !! Opening up school’s during the highest infection rate; obviously proves ” they aren’t trying hard enough” !!! The “administration team: is also putting the lives of teachers in danger but no one talks about that. The ones who teach our children are put on the back burner!!
    The logical solution would be to change the school’s opening dates!!!!!
    Wait and see if the rates drop. During that time work on cleanliness!! Then go from there.

    K. Edwards

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe – A. Einstein “

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