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Richton School District begins new school year without masks

Richton High School Principal Ben Bryan said school officials finalized plans for the 2021-2022 school year and will begin the new year like a normal school year, though still keeping up pandemic era sanitizing and disinfecting. Masks will optional for staff and students.

“After our meeting this morning (Thursday), we have decided that we are going to start school on a regular, traditional schedule,” Bryan said. “We are not currently offering virtual learning, but are prepared to do so if needed.”

“We are going to promote healthy student habits, will continue to spray our buses and our rooms with cleansing chemicals similar to last year and have invested in Iodizer Humidifiers for each classroom, which are essentially air purifiers.”

“We are not going to require masks at this time. They will be optional,” Bryan added. “We will continue to monitor the situation and be in communication with the state department. As the situation develops and/or changes, we are prepared to change our plans and method of operation. The safety of each student and staff member is our number one priority.”

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