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Marvin Edwards Jr. asks for support in runoff election for Perry County Supervisor in Dist. 3


Special to the Dispatch

I want to begin by thanking every person that voted in the Primary Election on Aug. 8. Without your vote, I would not be here. I am humbled by the many encouraging conversations that I have had over the past five months.

I have strong conservative Christian values, and I am a man of my word. I will not make promises to you I cannot keep.

During my time visiting with residents in Dist. 3, I listened to the many concerned voices, and I have not forgotten them.

I have 15 years of experience as an elected member of the Board of Trustees for the Richton School District. During my time of service, high quality education was a top priority. Ensuring funding and managing a large budget to ensure the needs were met for the Richton School District with efficiency was part of my duties. Each decision was evaluated with fairness, as those decisions affected our school and community. Making informed critical decisions and managing a large budget is not new to me. I am committed to working together with the Richton School District and Richton City Officials to ensure the needs of our school district are met.

Working with the community is vital to the success and safety of Dist. 3 and all of Perry County. I believe in supporting the efforts of our law enforcement agencies and our volunteer fire departments for the safety and welfare for Dist. 3 and all communities in the county.

If elected, I am committed to each of you, to support all local businesses and industries with fairness and an ongoing effort to seek new development and industry for our area. Promoting Dist. 3 and Perry County will be top priority to attract new sources of revenue and securing good paying jobs for all the residents of Perry County.

I have listened to the many concerned residents regarding pavement/overlay improvements. The ongoing evaluation and prioritization for these areas will be first and foremost. I will serve Dist. 3 on a full-time basis and actively build relationships to get a better understanding from the residents regarding their needs and concerns. Starting and finishing projects in a timely manner is extremely important to keep progress moving in our district.

One of the many concerns voiced was regarding the Multi-Purpose Center. I am happy to see a scheduled event for the center in the near future, and I believe this facility should be utilized for many community and family-friendly events for years to come. The plan for repairs, maintenance, and upkeep of this facility will require long-term commitment. Representing Dist. 3, I will pledge my long-term support. I look forward to working with community to restore and revitalize the Multi-Purpose Center to a facility that all of Perry County can be proud of.

The efforts I put forth, if I am elected, and the success of our district will not be possible without community involvement and support, listening and communicating with the residents, and working as a team to provide the best for every person in Dist. 3. I will take every concern seriously. I want to be your voice and the voice for the district in which we live. I will work hard to achieve the goals to make Dist. 3 the best it can be.

I stand firm that I will serve with the utmost honesty, integrity, and fairness to every individual, family, local business, and local industry that represents the hard-working people of Dist. 3 and Perry County.

I humbly ask for your prayers, consideration, and vote on Aug. 29.

Marvin Edwards



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